General Publications

Monitor Condition Report (Click here for web version)

Monitor State of the Sanctuary Report

Monitor Brochure

Monitor Fact Sheet

Data Buoy Rack Card (with information on site regulations and permits)

National Marine Sanctuary Program Fact Sheet

1983 Management Plan

Charting a New Course for the Monitor, 1998
A comprehensive long range preservation plan with options for management, stabilization, preservation, recovery, conservation and exhibition of materials and artifacts from the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Ocean for Life: Exploring Maritime History
A middle school social studies lesson plan and video that focuses on maritime heritage by having students explore the shipwrecks of the Monitor and Thunder Bay national marine sanctuaries

Clash of Armor
A middle school social studies activity highlighting the Battle of Hampton Roads. (The Mariners’ Museum)

Mock Shipwreck
A middle school activity where students become the archaeologists on a dive to the Monitor. (National Marine Sanctuary Program)

Mapping the Monitor
An elementary and middle school activity where students map artifacts discovered on the Monitor onto a shipwreck site plan using a simple grid. (National Marine Sanctuary Program)

Iron Cheesebox
A high school chemistry activity where students learn about conserving artifacts recovered from the Monitor. (NOAA’s National Ocean Service)

Oceans for Life
Designed for K-12 teachers and marine educators, the "Oceans for Life" series of lessons and videos gives students an opportunity to explore the history, biology, and ecology of the National Marine Sanctuary System.

A high school Oceanography activity where students compare information from the Monitor NMS Data Buoy to other data buoys located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Shipwreck Mosaics
A middle school activity where students can try their hand at piecing together photographic images of the Monitor.

Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle
Check out this excellent manual to get you started building your own underwater robot. The manual includes a detailed list of ROV parts and pieces and where to find them. (Doug Levin, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office).

Remotely Operated Vehicle Lesson Plan
Teach your middle and high school students about careers in science and technology as well as buoyancy, navigation and exploration as they build their own underwater robots. (Jamestown High School)

Monitor Paper Model
Make your own Monitor model at home. Or contact our office for a hard copy of this activity.

Monitor Bingo
Test your student’s knowledge of Monitor and Battle of Hampton Roads facts with this fun activity.

Monitor Origami
Make your own origami Monitor with these easy to follow instructions.

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