The British Cemetary is located in Ocracoke, North Carolina. It is the final resting place for four sailors from the HMT Bedfordshire which sunk off the coast of North Carolina during WWII. (Credit: NOAA)

Carol Dillon

Introduction: Meet Carol Dillon. She was a young girl growing up in Cape Hatteras North Carolina, specifically Buxton, during World War II. She remembers vividly experiences of German U-Boats and spies. This is her story in her own words. Today, she tells us about being able to see the explosions that happened when the U-Boats attacked.

Carol Dillon: The ships were a little too far off for you to actually see, but I have been on the beach and seen the fires from the tankers when they blew. When the tankers would blow, the school house windows would…you’d think they would come out. Actually, some of the windows actually broke. And I remember sitting at the desk, and this would happen, and of course we didn’t have to wait to be told to move, because we thought the windows were coming out. And I remember many times, not once, but many times…because we were losing a lot of ships. And we would run into the hall, because the hall didn’t have any windows in it. And then at night, I remember one particular time, it must have been a convoy, because the bed shook so that it almost threw me off the bed, when the tankers blew. So, they’re very vivid memories of the actual vibration of us losing tankers.