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Kapitänleutnant Hans-Dieter Heinicke (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 crew on deck. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 getting underway.
(Photo: Ed Caram)
U-576 crew gathered around the conning tower. (Photo: Ed Caram)The bow of the U-576 during rough seas. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 at the dock.
(Photo: Ed Caram)
U-576 crew, informal. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 crew, informal. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 & Bluefields battlefield site sonar image.
(Photo: NOAA & SRI International)
U-576 watch crew in conning tower. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 coming into St. Nazaire. (Photo: Ed Caram)Bluefields sonar image.
(Photo: NOAA)
Formal picture of U-576 crew. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 crew gathered around 88mm gun. (Photo: Ed Caram)U-576 sonar image.
(Photo: NOAA & SRI International)
USS McCormick (DD-223) in early 1944. (Photo: NAVSOURCE)USS Ellis (DD-154) in late 1943. (Photo: National Archives)USS Spry (PG-64) from June 1944. (Photo: NAVSOURCE )

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U-576 Legal Status

KS-520 Convoy


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