Monitor's 150th Anniversary
For teachers

For Teachers

The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary aims to provide teachers with resources and training to support the 150th anniversary of the USS Monitor. You will find curriculum, lesson plans, and activities that will excite your students not only about the Monitor and the Civil War, but also about science and technology.

sleuthing through 1862 

Sleuthing Through 1862
Students become detectives and use various clues to discover the identity of a sailor whose remains were discovered on a Civil War shipwreck.

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Lights, Cameras, Action
The Battle of Hampton Roads was one of the greatest battles in naval warfare. It was the first time iron met iron. In this activity, students discover how the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia were developed, engineered and constructed, and learn the ultimate, long-reaching outcome of the Battle of Hampton Roads. Students will present their findings with supporting evidence in a music video created with Animoto or other media programs.

icon drummer boys 

Drum Beats of the Drummer Boys
During the Civil War, boys as young as 9 years of age wanted to go to war. Often these young boys enlisted as drummer boys. This activity focuses on the role of the drummer boy and the challenges he faced.


A Look through Time
Explore how the introduction of ironclad ships affected the outcome of naval battles, a naval blockade, as well as changing naval history. Research the building and naval actions of the first ironclad ships and create a timeline of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia from conception to sinking. Use of LiveBinders and TimeToast optional.


Putting the Pieces Together: Shipwreck Photomosaics
Maritime Archaeologists use photographic images to help them study shipwrecks. Students will learn how photomosaics are created and their importance in documenting a shipwreck.


Growing the Family Tree
In 2002, the remains of two sailors were found during the excavation of the Monitor’s turret. In this activity, discover how NOAA is trying to identify these remains and how forensics will play a role. Also, learn about genealogy and trace your own family tree.


When Johnny Comes Marching Home
During the Civil War, music played a huge role. Sailors, soldiers, slaves, and men, women and children of all ages sang songs that told the story of their hardships, love of country, sweethearts, battles they fought and more. Delve into the music of the 1860s to learn how songs helped to bind people together.


The Civil War in Review Crossword Puzzle
Students will use the knowledge they learned about the Civil War to complete the crossword puzzle.

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