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The regulation of activities affecting sanctuary resources allows NOAA to implement the sanctuary designation, which is designed to protect, preserve, and manage resources in order to ensure their health, integrity and continued availability for current and future generations. MNMS resources are valuable for their cultural, historical, educational and recreational qualities, among others. The sanctuary's management strives to maintain a sustainable amount of activity by regulating the type and scope of use of resources within the sanctuary.

Regulations are enforced by NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement and through partnerships with other government agencies, such as the U.S. Coast Guard, in addition to citizen reporting and public education for voluntary compliance.

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary regulations prohibit the following activities without a permit:

    (a) Anchoring in any manner, stopping, remaining and drifting without power at any time;
    (b) Conducting subsurface salvage or recovery operations;
    (c) Diving by individual or submersible;
    (d) Lowering below the water any grappling, suction, conveyor, dredging or wrecking device;
    (e) Detonating underwater any explosive;
    (f) Drilling or coring the seabed;
    (g) Lowering, laying, or raising seabed cable;
    (h) Trawling; or
    (i) Discharging waste material into the water in violation of federal law.

Anyone may conduct the activities above pursuant to a permit if the activity is either for the purpose of research related to the Monitor or pertains to recovery operations in connection with an air or marine casualty. No permit is necessary to conduct an activity immediately necessary for the protection of life, property or the environment. Special use permits may also be issued to authorize specific activities within a sanctuary either to establish conditions of access to and use of a resource or to promote public use and understanding of a resource.

Contact the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary for more information.

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Current Regulations
including the boundary, prohibited activities, and permit procedure.

National Marine Sanctuary Program Regulations of General Applicability

Authorization to Issue Regulations, NMSA § 1439

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