coral reef with fish swimming past a sunk boat

Certain activities within Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, such as diving, require a permit. Permits are free of cost.

How to Apply

For most proposed activities, a NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries permit application must be completed. Instructions, application forms, and related information can be found here.

Where to Apply

Submit completed applications to:

Permit Coordinator
NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
100 Museum Drive
Newport News, VA 23606

Permit requests are evaluated based on their potential single and cumulative impacts to sanctuary resources versus the potential benefits the activity may provide in terms of resource protection.

For more information on permitting within Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, contact the permit coordinator at

Prohibitions Within National Marine Sanctuaries

Activities prohibited in sanctuaries can be found in program regulations at 15 CFR Part 922. If your proposed activity includes any prohibited action, a permit is likely required.

Find out more about permitting within national marine sanctuaries.