Without the help and support of volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish all we do. There are many different ways to get involved with the sanctuary. For more information on how to volunteer, contact the volunteer coordinator.

ANCHOR Program Logo

ANCHOR Program

Planning to dive in the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Check out the ANCHOR Program to learn how you can help to protect and conserve our nation's maritime heritage resources. This program, known as Appreciating the Nation’s Cultural Heritage and Ocean Resources, was created to work in partnership with dive businesses and charter operators to reduce human impacts on shipwrecks and other maritime heritage resources.

Learn more about the ANCHOR Program and find an ANCHOR operator here.

SAC Meeting

Sanctuary Advisory Council

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary established its Sanctuary Advisory Council in the fall of 2005. The council is a key mechanism for identifying and evaluating issues involving the sanctuary. Council members also serve as liaisons between constituents and/or communities and the sanctuary, thereby increasing stewardship of the sanctuary. All Sanctuary Advisory Council members are volunteers.

Get involved with the Sanctuary Advisory Council here.

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National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation enhances national marine sanctuaries in their goal to protect essential U.S. marine areas and to ensure a healthy ocean.

Research Collection Aid

In addition to managing the USS Monitor wreck site, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary works in partnership with The Mariners' Museum and Park to manage the collection of over 200 tons of priceless artifacts and associated documents and photographs. Volunteers can help organize and archive research material, preserve historical photographs and articles, and conserve maritime artifacts. To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, contact the volunteer coordinator.

Conservation of a shoe found on Monitor.
Conservation of part of Monitor.

Outreach Events

Throughout the year, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary participates in a variety of community-oriented events. Volunteers make these events a success. Monitor staff supports outreach events mostly in Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington D.C. However, events are occasionally held in other states. If you are interested in becoming an event volunteer, send an email with your inquiry to monitor@noaa.gov.

Audience at Monitor Museum.
Outreach Event in Yorktown.