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Fall 2017 - In this edition, as 2017 draws to an end, we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. The year was busy, and 2018 promises to be even busier filled with new partnerships, expeditions, outreach events, educational activities, and more! We continue to protect and conserve our nation's maritime heritage off the North Carolina coast, and in August 2018, we will commemorate World War I and the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the U.S. Coast Guard Light Vessel (LV-71), also known as the Diamond Shoals Lightship. We invite you to join us as we move forward for an exciting new year!

Summer 2017 - This summer has been an exciting time for research! Read this edition to learn more about collaborations and partnerships to document numerous World War I and World War II shipwrecks off North Carolinaís coast. Check out this issue to see the latest in trail signs and exhibits installed in Virginia Beach, Virginia, depicting World War IIís Battle of the Atlantic and honoring the men who died fighting against tyranny. Be sure to read about Monitor National Marine Sanctuaryís new Sketchfab site, where you can download 3-D images of shipwrecks and USS Monitor artifacts. Also, if you are looking for someone to speak to your group, read more to learn how to book a speaker. Finally, in this edition, meet Dave Dodsworth, IT Coordinator.

Winter 2017 - In this edition, we commemorate the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads that occurred on March 9, 1862, between USS Monitor and CSS Virginia. Have you ever wondered what a sanctuary advisory council is and what they do? Check out this issue to learn more and to meet the members of the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary's Advisory Council. You will also find information on NOAA's new nomination process and learn how to comment (by March 31, 2017) on the two new proposed sanctuaries: Mallows Bay and Wisconsin. In addition, we want to make sure you mark your calendars and join us for upcoming outreach events, so check out the list. Finally, in this edition, meet Dave Alberg, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Superintendent.

Fall 2016 - In this edition of Monitor E-Notes: Sanctuary News and Events, learn about this summer's Battle of the Atlantic Expedition where researchers explored U-576 and SS Bluefields for the first time. Read the story of Louis Segal, a 92-year-young Merchant Seaman and WWII Veteran who joined the researchers to give a personal perspective on the expedition. Educators discover and download our latest free curriculum, Maritime Archaeology: Discovering and Exploring Shipwrecks. In this edition, you will also learn more about our ANCHOR Program and the numerous outreach events we supported throughout the summer and fall. And you won't want to miss the article explaining the deeply personal connection some Monitor artifacts have to the crew. This month, you will also meet Joe Hoyt, one of our maritime archaeologists.

Summer 2016 - In this edition of Monitor E-Notes: Sanctuary News and Events, read how avocational divers helped in the mapping of F.W. Abrams and see which dive shops are now ANCHOR certified. In addition, read about the conservation efforts made this summer to further preserve the Monitor's turret. Learn more about Mallows Bay and the sanctuary nomination process, checkout our upcoming outreach events, download a copy of the new Earth is Blue magazine and meet one of our staff, Will Sassorossi, a Maritime Archaeologist. This edition also features our North Carolina Shipwreck Photo Contest, so be sure to learn how to submit your photos.

Spring 2016 - In this edition of Monitor E-Notes: Sanctuary News and Events, read about new technology used to map the Monitor and see some beautiful underwater images of this iconic shipwreck. In addition, read about our newly chosen "Volunteer of the Year." This edition also features: 10 ways to get into your sanctuary, a spotlight on sanctuary staff member, Tane Casserley, happenings in education and outreach, and a look at our new shipwreck website launched on April 1.

Summer 2015 - In the inaugural edition of Monitor E-Notes: Sanctuary News and Events, read about our new ANCHOR Program that was recently launched to promote ethical diving on shipwrecks. Learn how NOAA and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) collaborated to conduct an archaeological survey within the Maryland Wind Energy Area... and so much more.

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