law enforcement on a boat

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is home to one of our nation's most treasured underwater cultural resources, USS Monitor. The shipwreck is magnificent, yet it is vulnerable. Natural and human impacts threaten its long-term sustainability. Through research, education, and resource protection, the sanctuary works to protect this historic icon.

Through education and by promoting a sense of stewardship, the sanctuary supports an enforcement philosophy that fosters voluntary compliance of regulations. These regulations have been set in place by federal laws to ensure the resource's health, integrity, and continued availability for current and future generations' enjoyment. To safeguard Monitor, the sanctuary partners with NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) and the U.S. Coast Guard to enforce these regulations.

Members of the public are an integral part of the sanctuary's enforcement efforts. We depend upon individuals to share their knowledge about the sanctuary and to encourage compliance with regulations. Reporting of any prohibited activities in the sanctuary to NOAA Office of Law Enforcement helps to ensure a longer life of the resource for all to enjoy.

When it comes to enforcement, everyone plays a part!

If you are aware of any prohibited activities within the sanctuary you may report it either to NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) or to Monitor National Marine Sanctuary. Note: if you are reporting to OLE, Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is in the Southeast Division.

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement: 1-800-853-1964

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary: 757-591-7326 or 757-591-7333

When reporting the incident give as much detail as possible and a phone number where you can be reached for further information.

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