• National Marine Sanctuaries - learn about ALL of your national marine sanctuaries
  • National Marine Sanctuaries Education - more cool stuff for students and teachers!
  • Sanctuary Encyclopedia - learn all about the cool critters found in your national marine sanctuaries
  • NOS Education - great activities and lesson plans for teachers and students. Learn about seafloor mapping, climate change, and be sure to visit NOAA's arcade portal for games and interactive activities focused on ocean and air themes.
  • Ocean Guardian Program - encourage kids to explore their natural surroundings to form a sense of personal connection to the ocean and/or watersheds in which they live.
  • Ocean Explorer - follow current expeditions, see images of the latest discoveries, read the daily logs to learn about what the scientists have found so far, examine the mission plan, discover cool ocean career possibilities and even Ask an Explorer a question via email!
  • NOAA For Students – looking for scholarship and internship opportunities across NOAA? You'll find that information here.
  • Oceans Live! - check out video from the 2006 Monitor expedition and other exciting trips to other National Marine Sanctuaries. To view the Monitor broadcast click on the “archived video” link above the video screen.
  • NOAA Teacher at Sea Program -Visit this site to learn about the great NOAA opportunities for teachers interested in getting their feet wet!
  • NOAA Education Resources - Portal to NOAA's sponsored educational materials for teaching.
  • NOAA 200th Celebration Education Resources - For the 200th celebration, NOAA assembled educational resources for kids and educators.
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