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Outer Banks
Maritime Heritage Trail Videos

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1 Video: "Introduction" - Start at Whalebone Junction 92MB (captioned 93MB)

2 Video: "The Story of the U-85" 180MB (captioned 179MB)

3 Video: "The Ecology of the Outer Banks" 209MB (captioned 214MB)

4 Video: "WWI and WWII off the Coast of North Carolina" 106MB (captioned 111MB)

5 Video: "The Chicamacomico Life Saving Station" 219MB (captioned 218MB)

6 Video: "The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse" 158MB (captioned 147MB)

7 Video: "The Story of the U-701 and the YP-389" 182MB (captioned 187MB)

8 Video: "The History of the USS Monitor" 202MB (captioned 203MB)

9 Video: "The Importance of National Marine Sanctuaries" 161MB (captioned 160MB)

10 Video: "Conclusion" 67MB (captioned 85MB)

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