Archived Webinars

Watch a collection of archived webinars and interviews by Monitor National Marine Sanctuary staff that help to tell the sanctuary’s story.

Living Shipwrecks 3D: Exploring North Carolina’s World War II Heritage

Learn about the advanced technologies utilized by Monitor National Marine sanctuary and NOAA’s National Center for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), Beaufort Lab to document North Carolina's World War II shipwrecks and to create acoustic fish visualizations of the surrounding marine life. Explore how collecting critical data to interpret this naval battlefield, also demonstrates the significance of these shipwrecks as both ecological and historical wonders.

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America’s First National Marine Sanctuary

Travel back in time to 1862 and learn about the USS Monitor, the Union’s first ironclad. Discover why it was built, the importance of the first battle between ironclads, and how Monitor met its demise. Learn who found the ship in 1973, and how it became our first national marine sanctuary. Today, Monitor plays a pivotal role in leading the way to protect other historic cultural resources off North Carolina’s coast. Learn about one of the largest collections of World War II shipwrecks off America's coast that lies just offshore offering a wealth of opportunities for scuba divers and all those who love history.

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