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Site Plans

Site plans are archaeological drawings created from data collected during an expedition to a shipwreck site. Site surveys and video and photographic data are used to create an accurate representation of the site as it existed at that time. Site plans may be used for educational purposes or they may be used to create dive slates for recreational divers to use as they enjoy diving on the shipwrecks.

Below, click on a shipwreck to view the site plan for the wreck site. Be sure to check back often as new site plans are added.

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Ashkhabad Site Plan Ashkhabad

Site Plan for Ashkhabad.

Caribsea site plan Caribsea

Site Plan for Caribsea.

Bedfordshire site plan HMT Bedfordshire

Site plan for the HMT Bedfordshire.

Keshena site plan Keshena

Site plan for Keshena.

site plan for the U-85 U-85

Site plan for U-85.

site plan for the U-352 U-352

Site Plan for U-352.

site plan for U-701 U-701

Site plan for U-701.

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