Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is located off the North Carolina coast, 16 miles south-southeast of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Resting at 240 feet below the ocean’s surface, the USS Monitor wreck site is not easily accessed by the average diver. However, for those qualified technical divers, the experience of coming face-to-face with history is one that will never be forgotten. Learn more about obtaining a permit to dive on Monitor.

Fortunately, for those who don't want to get their feet wet, there are many places on shore that offer the opportunity to discover the wonders of this great ship. From our primary visitor's center at The Mariners' Museum and Park in Newport News, Virginia, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you can browse exhibits, interact with kiosks, download videos, and more. Each venue offers visitors a unique understanding of the significant contributions Monitor made to our nation's history.

Monitor Museum Exterior


Get directions to the sanctuary office in Newport News, Virginia, and learn how to contact us.

Ironclad Revolution Exhibition

Visitor Center and Partner Exhibits

Find places to go and learn about the USS Monitor and the sanctuary.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse as sunset

Places To Go

If you are planning a visit to Virginia or the Outer Banks, start here.

Weather Buoy

Weather and Data Buoy

Before heading out offshore, check the sanctuary’s weather buoy.