Working Groups and Subcommittees

Community involvement in sanctuary management is further enhanced through the Advisory Council's establishment of working groups and subcommittees. Working groups, subcommittees and ad hoc groups are established by the Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) to address specific issues or topics that require focused attention and/or are best handled in smaller group settings. Subcommittees are comprised of current Council members, while working groups bring in additional non-member stakeholders and experts to focus on specific issues.

Working Groups

Working groups are composed of SAC members and persons outside of the Council. All working groups are chaired by a member of the Council and function under the purview of the SAC. Working groups may be formed to provide the Council with ongoing input on such areas as education or other broad issues. In addition, task-specific working groups are occasionally established by the Council to address specific issues, and then are disbanded once final advice is submitted to the SAC.

As with all SAC meetings, working group meetings are open to the public, and participation is welcomed.

Current Working Groups

There are no current working groups.

Former Working Groups

2014 Expansion Working Group

  • Joe Hoyt (Staff Lead), Debby Boyce, Jim Bunch, Steve Claggett, Kevin Duffus, Dewey Hemilright, Mike Kelly, Susan Langley, Dr. William Thiesen, Clark Twiddy

2009 Management Plan Working Group

  • Archaeology: Joe Hoyt (Staff Lead), Scott Boyd, John Broadwater, Ron Grayson, Anna Holloway, Jeff Johnston, Susan Langley, Richard Lawrence, Joe Schwarzer, Mark Wilde-Ramsing
  • Education: Shannon Ricles (Staff Lead), Scott Boyd, Terri Kirby-Hathaway, Anna Holloway, Doug Stover
  • Expansion: Dave Alberg (Staff Lead), Debby Boyce, Jim Bunch, Jay Kavanagh, Susan Langley, Richard Lawrence, Larry Murphy, Joe Poe, Scott Powell, Joe Schwarzer, Gordon Watts
  • Facilities: Joe Hoyt (Staff Lead), Joe Schwarzer, Doug Stover
  • Human Remains: Jeff Johnston (Staff Lead), Scott Boyd, Ron Grayson, Anna Holloway, Robert Neyland, Wayne Smith
  • Permitting/Access/Enforcement: Jeff Johnston (Staff Lead), Sara Block, LCDR Tim Brown, Jim Bunch, Jeff Gray, Jay Kavanagh, Larry Murphy, Scott Powell,
  • Monitor/Research: Lauren Heesemann (Staff Lead), Sylvia Earle, Richard Lawrence, Larry Murphy, Robert Neyland, Andy Shepard, Wayne Smith, Paula Whitfield


SAC subcommittees and ad hoc groups are formed occasionally to address short-term tasks or issues. The SAC utilizes subcommittees and ad hoc groups to organize members into small working units based on shared interests or expertise, or simply given a need to work more efficiently in a smaller group setting. Subcommittees and ad hoc groups are composed only of SAC members or alternates.