Council News

New Council Members

Congratulations and welcome to our newest and returning council members on their recent appointments!

  • Anna Beckwith, Recreational/Commercial Fishing
  • Debby Boyce, Recreational Diving
  • Matt Landrum, Ocean Sports
  • Andre Nabors, Heritage Tourism
  • Sarah Watkins-Kenney, Conservation
  • Joe Poe, Recreational Diving
  • Nathan Richards, Maritime Archaeological Research
  • Jim Tobin, Citizen-at-Large
  • Jason Peters, North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • Steve Polland, Alternate North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality

Council Vacancies

The Council has a new Student Seat that will open soon for college students. For more information, contact the Sanctuary Advisory Council Coordinator by email or by phone at (757) 591-7329.