Advisory Council Membership List

The Monitor Sanctuary Advisory Council (Council) consists of 11 non-government voting members, representing key constituent groups; eight key government seats (and alternate), representing agencies who have responsibilities that require coordination with sanctuary staff; and one non-voting youth seat.

Non-government members of the council are selected through a competitive application process. A committee of three non-sanctuary employees reviews all applications and recommends the top three candidates for each vacant seat. The sanctuary manager then selects one representative for each vacant seat. Standard background checks are conducted on each of the selected individuals.

Government agencies appoint primary and alternate members who serve until their agency reappoints a new member to the seat.

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Current Community Voting Members

Council Officers:

Council Chair: Joe Poe
Council Vice Chair: Jim Tobin

Council Seats:

Citizen-at-Large: Jim Tobin

Conservation: Kim Kenyon

Economic Development: Tom Kies

Education: Salvatore Mercogliano

Heritage Tourism: Andre Nabors

Maritime Archaeological Research: Nathan Richards

Ocean Sports: Debby Boyce

Recreational/Commercial Fishing: K.P. Scott

Recreational/Commercial Fishing: Rom Whitaker

Recreational Diving: Kamau Sadiki

Recreational Diving: Joe Poe

The Mariners' Museum: Will Hoffman

Alternate: Tina Gutshall

Student Seat: Stephanie Sterling (Non-voting Member)

Current Government Members & Alternates

National Park Service: Dave Hallac
Alternate: To be appointed

North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Office of State Archaeology: Chris Southerly
Alternate: To be appointed

North Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality: Jason Peters
Alternate: Steve Poland

North Carolina Local (Town/City/County) Government: Charles "Bucky" Oliver (Beaufort, NC)
Alternate: Bob Terwilliger

North Carolina Local (Town/City/County) Government: Bobby Outten (Dare County, NC)
Alternate: Drew Pearson

US Coast Guard: LCDR Matthew Kahley
Alternate: Kate Moore

US Navy: Robert Neyland
Alternate: Alexis Catsambis

Virginia Department of Historic Resources: Brendan Burke
Alternate: Samantha Henderson

Former Advisory Council Members

Anna Beckwith (12/16 - 12/18)
Rec/Com Fishing

LDCD Patricia Bennett (7/14 to 4/18)
U.S. Coast Guard

Gabriella Biava (04/15 – 04/17)
Youth Seat

Mitch Bowman (2/06 to 2/10)
Heritage Tourism

Scott Boyd (5/08 to 5/10)

Karen Brown (1/20 to 1/21)
Economic Development

LCDR Timothy Brown (2/08 to 2/10)
U.S. Coast Guard

James (Jim) Bunch (5/08 to 5/16)
Recreational Diving

Charlie Burgess (6/15 to 2/17)
North Carolina Local Government (Beaufort, N.C.)

Steve Claggett (02/11 – 09/17)
North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Office of State Archaeology

Mike Clem (6/15 to 11/18)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources (Alternate)

Dave Conlin (2/08 to 5/15)
National Park Service

Braxton Davis (6/12 to 6/14)
North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

Michele Duval (10/16 to 03/18)
North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Marine Fisheries

Ron Grayson (2/09 to 2/11)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Terri Kirby-Hathaway (06/08 to 11/14)

Jenna Hartley (3/19 – 3/21)
Student Seat

Lauren Hermley (6/11 to 6/13)
Heritage Tourism

Anna Holloway (2/06 to 11/14)
The Mariners' Museum

Anna Holloway (6/15 to 5/16)
The National Park Service (Alternate)

Stewart Katz (4/13 to 7/19)
Economic Development

Jay Kavanagh (2/11 to 6/14)
Recreation/Commercial Fishing

Roger Kirchen (2/06 to 2/08)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources

David Krop (2/08 to 9/15)
The Mariners' Museum

Greg LaBudde (6/15 to 8/20)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources (Alternate)

Matt Landrum (12/16 – 3/21)
Ocean Sports and Recreational Diving

Susan Langley (2/06 to 2/16)
Archaeological Research

Richard Lawrence (2/06 to 2/11)
North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Bradley McDonald (4/13 to 12/13)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Jay Moore (11/14 to 11/15)
The Mariners' Museum (Alternate)

John W. Morris III (11/12 - 1/19)
N.C. Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources

Larry Murphy (2/06 to 2/10)
National Park Service

Everette Newton (12/18 to 3/22)
North Carolina Local Government - Beaufort, NC

Claire Peachey (2/06 to 2/08)
U.S. Navy

Joe Poe (6/11 to 6/16)

John Quarstein (11/14 to 11/17)
The Mariners' Museum

Donald Reynolds (2/06 to 2/08)
Recreational Diving

LCDR Kevin Saunders (4/10 to 6/14)
U.S. Coast Guard

Joseph Schwarzer (2/06 to 2/10)
North Carolina Maritime Museums

Will Serratelli (2/10 to 5/12)
Youth Seat

Wayne Smith (2/05 to 2/16)

Doug Stover (2/09 to 7/13)
National Park Service (Alternate)

LCDR David Stutt (5/18 to 8/20)
U.S. Coast Guard

David Sybert (6/16 to 6/20)
Education Seat

Jim Tobin (3/14 to 3/16)
Heritage Tourism

Barclay C. Trimble 10/13 to 6/14)
National Park Service (Alternate)

Sarah Watkins-Kenney (12/16 - 12/18)

Mark Wilde-Ramsing (2/06 to 2/12)
North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Joanna Wilson (2/06 to 5/15)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Channing Zucker (2/06 to 2/08)

Tyler Zminkowski (9/12 to 6/14)
Youth Seat